Anti Wrinkle Serum

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50 ml
A powerful anti-wrinkle serum formulated with aloe and 8 precious natural botanicals including ocean minerals. Found to be effective in helping reduce deep wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles around the eye area. (more info)
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Feel Rejuvenated and recharged in the morning


Enter a total relaxing zone where you feel a thousand miles away from the pressure and confusion of everyday life as your mind and body melt into a night of calm restful sleep. (more info)

De Stress

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A soothing escape from daily stresses


Breathe in the aroma as your body relaxes and stress gently slips away. All Natural ingredients soothe your senses as they are warmly applied to stimulate your body's ability to release stress  (more info)

Tranquility & De Stress

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Two Bottle Deal

Tranquility and De Stress sprays are like Magical Medicines which lulls you into a peaceful sleep free from Stress and Anxiety. (more info)

Detox Clay Masque (100 ml)

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DMG Detox Clay Masque: The Ultimate Facial
This amazing detoxifying clay mix is effective in deeply cleansing your skin by drawing out embedded impurities and is especially helpful in purifying oily and combination skin or skin  that is prone to chronic acne, wet Psoriasis or Rosacea.  This product aids in drying  up pustules quickly to help speed up healing.  Detox Clay Mud is brought to you in dry form so you can blend it with water (or use the Skin Soothe Spritzer) whenever you want, thus you only use what you need each time.(more info)

Pain Relief Balm (60 ml)

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DMG Pain Relief Balm: Fast Relief in a Bottle

Formulated with 5 carefully selected essential oils noted for effective pain relief and bruise dispersal.  Non-greasy, soothing, spa massage quality, body aloe gel with menthol for a cold rub effect.(more info)

Skin Soothe Cream (50 ml)

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DMG Skin Soothe Cream: Relief And Protection to Your Skin
Eczema, psoriasis and acne-prone skin need protection from harsh, dry environmental conditions even more so!!  Formulated to help bring much needed relief and protection to dry, itching, scaling, inflamed and acne skin.  A special blend of selected ingredients tradionally known for anti- inflammation, anti- bacterial, anti-microbial and scar-fading properties. (more info)

Skin Soothe Spritz (100 ml)

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DMG Skin Soothe Spritz: Soothing Relief To Blemished Skin
Traditional European naturopaths soak or boil botanical material to make infusions and decoctions for bathing skin affected by eczema, psoriasis, and acute acne.  We have simplified the process by bringing this soothing relief to you in a spritz Bottle. (more info)

HA Mango Day Cream

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50 ml. 

Dry skin showing the signs of wrinkles will love the super moisturizing properties of Hyaluronic Acid (HA).  Daily use of this face cream lends excellent water retaining properities, eases wrinkles and fine lines and Soothes skin with a slight 'Plumping' action for that 'baby face' appearance. (more info)

Bust Lift Serum

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30 ml

Stimulates the development of bust tissues and improves its elasticity. Also stimulates the fatty tissues and ligaments around the breast which provide support and shape, resulting in a fuller and firmer bust. Helps to maintain collagen production and stimulates the development of skin cells to improve and maintain a natural, youthful look. (more info) 

Acupuncture Rings

2 for
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Acupuncture Rings

The Acupuncture ring is personal pocket massage tool that will activate numerous           acupuncture points helping you to reduce stress, or energize yourself during a long day.     Great for people who work with their hands a lot or with arthritis. Stimulates the meridians  that end at the point of your fingers. (more Info)                                                                                          


Eczema Formula

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30 ml.

This formula is designed to reduce redness, itching and cracked skin caused by eczema. Helps improve blood circulation and nourishes dry skin. Hand-blended to order. (more info)

Psoriasis Formula

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30 ml.

This Psoriasis formula is specially designed for natural relief from the symptoms of scaling, flaking, itching and redness. The essential oils deeply penetrate the skin to help reduce inflammation, speed up regeneration and restore balance. Hand-blended to order. (more info)

Rosacea Formula

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30 ml.

This rosacea formula works to reduce and diminish skin redness and stave breakouts. The blend of essential oils also helps strengthen skin tissues to speed up the natural repair of damaged skin. Hand-blended to order. (more info)

Skin Zinc

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The  #1 OTC Psoriasis Medication
        For Men and Women

Skin Zinc...Restore your skin to a clearer, healthier state in days.

 • Steroid-FREE

 • Coal Tar-FREE

 • Alcohol-FREE
 • Feathery-light, fast-absorbing, and stain-FREE
 • Stops intense skin & scalp itch on contact
 • Controls scaling, flaking & crusting
 • Controls recurrence of skin flares and troubled skin
 • Soothes redness and irritation
 • Eliminates stubborn dryness symptoms (more info)


PCA Acne Gel

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A Fast and Effective Acne Treatment.

See results in as little as a few days.  Soothing formula leaves your skin feeling fresh so that you can feel like 'yourself' again.  Simply the BEST acne treatment on the market.  Rediscover the youthful glow you thought you lost forever ! (more info)